Volunteer Testimonials

“I always felt well taken care of and knew that if I needed anything or had any questions, I could always contact a member of AERU. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. This has also been a major contributing factor to feeling so comfortable at AERU. Ellies playing in the waterhole and the pleasant silence and starry sky during the evening observation were some of my most memorable moments – it´s a very special experience.

My contributions to the research unit with the monitoring the elephants and data entry and with the nursery project was very enriching. I have taken some valuable lessons with me now that I can apply in my life and it has shown me once again that I can also quickly initiate new ways with small steps. A huge thank you to everyone, that everyone contributed to make the time so great, I will remember it with so much joy for a very, very long time.”



-Sonja, 30, Jan 2023

Laura Peoples

...there were so many special moments each and every day. The first time I met the elephants I was in awe. They are all so special in their own way and this became more and more evident the longer I spent time with them.

McKenna Bixby

The joy and laughter that I have experienced here is unlike anything I think I could get anywhere else. It is so relieving to know that there are other people in the world that love elephants like I love elephants. Whether it is the staff members, the volunteers, or the guides, I was always in good company.

James Kapp

Spending my time at a research facility has really opened my eyes to see what is going on to help conserve this magnificent species. To see the hard work from the research team being translated in other parks across Africa is brilliant
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