Volunteer Testimonials

“I always felt well taken care of and knew that if I needed anything or had any questions, I could always contact a member of AERU. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. This has also been a major contributing factor to feeling so comfortable at AERU. Ellies playing in the waterhole and the pleasant silence and starry sky during the evening observation were some of my most memorable moments – it´s a very special experience.

My contributions to the research unit with the monitoring the elephants and data entry and with the nursery project was very enriching. I have taken some valuable lessons with me now that I can apply in my life and it has shown me once again that I can also quickly initiate new ways with small steps. A huge thank you to everyone, that everyone contributed to make the time so great, I will remember it with so much joy for a very, very long time.”



-Sonja, 30, Jan 2023

Liney Mahl

The great thing about this place is that you are doing a lot of different things everyday so you will never get bored. You are obvious doing the observations of the elephants and that’s really cool but you also collect dung from the elephants, collect the data, photo project and making stuff in the AERU shop and you are doing a lot of more stuff.

Ke and Nina Krausenbaum

One of the most wonderful moments here was the morning when I had to do Boma observation outside with the Milky Way above me and the ellies in front of me. Everything was so clear and calm, just wonderful.

Dr Elaine Yarbrough

I had not expected that these big creatures could have such distinctive personalities. The matriarch, the leader who is big, steady, and teacher to the younger ones.
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