In order to minimize printing and postage costs, as well as look out for the environment, our sponsorship programme is digital. However, for those who wish to have our first introductory magazine couriered in physical form, this can be arranged for an additional cost.

What’s included in your sponsorship?

You will receive a Digital Sponsorship Certificate as a token of our gratitude!
You will receive ongoing updates on the elephants during your sponsorship period which will include exclusive images and information!
You will receive access to the First Edition of our Sponsorship Magazine.
12 Month HERD Sponsorships receive a 15% discount on the volunteer programme (valid for 2 years)

Conservation Through Education

Through your elephant sponsorship, you are helping to support the work that AERU does. We are dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of information relating to all aspects of the biology, behaviour and husbandry of African elephants, with particular reference to their welfare and management in captive facilities. However, much of what we discover can also be applied to wild elephants. Therefore, we can aid species conservation in both captive and wild settings through key findings and education, whilst also contributing to the growing field of exploration into new, effective, and non-invasive measures of elephant health and welfare.

Projects funded through the Sponsorship Programme:

  • Studies on various aspects of elephant behaviour in different environments
  • Physiological analyses of dung and other samples
  • Establishing novel, effective, and non-invasive measures of captive and wild elephant health, behaviour, and welfare
  • Elephant enrichment projects to promote natural behaviour and wellbeing
  • Optimisation of elephant welfare in relation to housing and husbandry

Meet the Elephants